NY Cops hunting Trinidad man after victim bites him during rape attack

21-year-old Nicholas Sama­roo
21-year-old Nicholas Sama­roo

(Trinidad Guardian) A po­lice man­hunt is on in New York for a Trinidad and To­ba­go man whose pe­nis was bit­ten by a woman he beat un­con­scious be­fore try­ing to force her to have oral sex on him.

The al­leged at­tack­er is iden­ti­fied as 21-year-old Nicholas Sama­roo.

Ac­cord­ing to re­ports, Sama­roo was out drink­ing with his aunt when he met the 39-year-old vic­tim on No­vem­ber 8.

The group re­turned to Sama­roo’s aunt’s apart­ment on 101st Av­enue in Rich­mond Hill in Queens, ac­cord­ing to the New York Dai­ly News.

How­ev­er, Sama­roo’s aunt and one of her friends left when he be­came bel­liger­ent and start­ed ar­gu­ing with them. Sama­roo is said to have locked the doors to the apart­ment and at­tacked the vic­tim when she tried to leave.

The vic­tim awoke to find Sama­roo un­dress­ing her. He kicked and beat her un­con­scious a sec­ond time when she tried to run away.

She awoke to find a knife to her face and Sama­roo forc­ing his pe­nis in her mouth. She pre­tend­ed to com­ply but then bit his pe­nis. He fell over in pain and she ran out the apart­ment and es­caped.

Sama­roo was last seen leav­ing the apart­ment bare­back and bare­foot­ed.



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