Nursing School students mulling legal action against alleged fraudster

Members of the Force and some of the students during their recent protest.


By Tracey Khan – Drakes

Members of the Force and some of the students during their recent protest.
Members of the Force and some of the students during their recent protest.

[] – Students who have alleged fraud at the American Health Institute Nursing School on Croal & Light Streets, Georgetown, are contemplating taking legal action against the owner of the school, whom they identified as Nanda Kissoon.

One of the students, Petrina Thom told iNews during a telephone interview that they were told by the owner of the school that Alliance for Change Executive Member, Nigel Hughes is the Chairman of the school, however, this turned out to be a lie.

Thom added that when they dug deeper, they found out that Hughes only represented the woman legally in a few matters. When contacted by iNews, Hughes he made it clear that he is in no way associated with the school officially or unofficially.

Thom was fleeced over $80,000. A group of students today visited the office of Opposition Leader, David Granger seeking help in this matter and will return on Monday to meet with Dr. George Norton who will advise them on the way forward.

The Police were called in last Saturday to investigate the incident after students discovered that the certificate they were given is not recognized anywhere.

This saw the angry students protesting at this school’s location on Saturday, September 20, after calls to the owner went unanswered.

Fifty-two students were attending classes at the school, while there is another branch on Robb Street, upstairs at Matt’s record bar.

Payments for the tuition fees were made through Scotia Bank to the woman.

The students are calling on government to intervene.

The woman who goes by many names including Nanda Kissoon and Nandranie Kissoon, also set up the ‘Inter-American Nursing School’ which was shut down several times by the Ministry of Health by the then Minister of Health, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy.

Back in 2009, Kissoon was arrested following complaints by scores of students to the Brickdam Police Station. She was ordered to refund students in excess of $250,000. She did make some compensation.



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