Nude body on Kitty Seawall identified as mother of 5



Undertakers prepare to remove the body. [iNews' Photo]
Undertakers prepare to remove the body. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – The nude body of a woman which was discovered on the Kitty Foreshore on Wednesday afternoon [August 27] has been identified as Sharon Forde, a mother of five of 37 West Ruimveldt, Georgetown.

Police sources confirmed that the woman was identified by her brother who saw images of her lifeless body on the internet and TV newscasts. He later identified her at the Lyken Funeral Parlour.

iNews was informed that the woman became mentally unstable after she and her husband separated. Thus far, police have ruled out foul play as no visible marks of violence were found on her body.

On Wednesday, persons who were going about their routine jogging along the seawalls between the Celina Resort and the former Russian Embassy noticed the nude body of the woman battling to stay ashore amidst high winds and powerful waves.

A postmortem is expected to be performed on the body today.


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