Notorious West Berbice burglar jailed for 3 years


An East Berbice man was  jailed for three years by Magistrate Alex Moore for breaking into a woman’s home in Bath Settlement, West Coast Berbice, and stealing in excess of $1 million in jewellery and cash.

Chris Rampersaud

Chris Rampersaud

Chris Rampersaud of Canefield, East Canje, appeared at the Fort Wellington Magistrate’s Court where he was charged with breaking into the dwelling of Nafeeza Wazim on Wednesday, July 6.

Rampersaud, 37, pleaded guilty to the charge which said that on the day in question he broke into the home and stole six pairs of gold bangles valued $725,000; three pairs of earrings valued $8000; four gold chains valued $122,000; four gold rings valued $72,000; and $160,000 in cash. The charge also stated that Rampersaud stole a quantity of Brazilian jewellery valued at $42,000.

He told the court that he broke into the home but only took the Brazilian jewellery. He said he was caught moments after the crime and did not have all the items as stated in the charge.

Police Prosecutor Inspector Althea Soloman told the court that the Brazilian jewellery was recovered when Rampersaud was apprehended by public-spirited citizens.

Magistrate Moore said if the other items were not recovered then there might have been some “private spirited” citizens among the group.

Previously, Rampersaud had been arrested in connection with the shooting of a security guard at the Berbice Educational Institute on 2 July.

While in custody he escaped; and it was on 6 July that he broke into the house at Bath Settlement and subsequently arrested.

Rampersaud had been convicted before for simple larceny. Magistrate Moore said that Rampersaud seems to have graduated from simple larceny and was now to breaking into homes. The Magistrate noted that he was sending Rampersaud to a place where he will have time to consider his future.

He was jailed for two-and-a-half years for the house break-in and another six months for escaping from lawful custody.

The sentences are to run consecutively.

Meanwhile, Divisional Commander Ian Amsterdam said the Police are investigating other matters which Rampersaud may be involved in.

(Guyana Times)


  1. This scum should should be serving 30yrs instead of 3yrs.let him be an example to the other scums.


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