Not too late to approve Carter Center’s return to observe recount – Mining body

FILE: International Observers in Guyana

Following is a statement from the National Mine Workers’ Union of Guyana:

The absence of the internationally-recognised and reputable elections observer mission; the Carter Center, to observe the national recount, which commenced today (Wednesday), is a devastating blow to democracy; and the darkest day for democracy in Guyana.

As regrettable as it is, the National Mine Workers’ Union of Guyana (NMWUG) remains hopeful that there will be a reconsideration on the part of National COVID-19 Task Force and the Foreign Affairs Ministry to allow the Observer Mission to come to Guyana to oversee the national recount. It is still not too late to ensure the necessary clearance is granted for the team to travel.

Civil society, trade unions, religious organisations must voice their concerns over this developing situation; which does not augur well for the image of Guyana.

As President of the above mentioned organisation, I wish to remind all stakeholders that Guyanese expect that the national recount will be credible and only on this basis a government should be sworn in. My hope also is that whichever government is in power, they will govern in the best interest of everyone.

We anxiously await the arrival of the Carter Center to complete their mission to ensure the March 2 General and Regional Elections are free, fair and transparent.

Sherwyn Delano Downer

President, NMWUG