Not enough is being done to tackle domestic violence – iNews Poll


pie chart - domestic[]As the issue of domestic violence continues to plague the country, a number of participants who responded to an iNews poll, believe that not enough is being done to prevent and reduce domestic violence.

In response to the poll question – Do you think enough is being done to prevent and reduce domestic violence in Guyana? –  90 percent voted no, 8 percent said yes and 2 percent were undecided.

Over the past few years the incidences of domestic violence have escalated in Guyana. While there are numerous cases of men who beat their wives, there are also cases of women who beat their husbands.

The government has modified legislation to deal with cases of domestic violence and it has also put in place some facility that would offer shelter to victims of abuse.

Additionally, the courts are not treating cases of domestic violence lightly. Magistrates are imposing jail sentences and there are private organizations that provide some measure of counseling.



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