‘Not afraid of recount’ …PPP’s Ali challenges APNU/AFC to make copies of their SoPs available

FILE: Presidential Candidate Irfaan Ali making a presentation in Parliament 

Presidential Candidate of the Peoples Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP/C) Dr Irfaan Ali, has lashed out at the APNU/AFC Coalition for spreading what he calls “propaganda” that his party (PPP) is afraid of having the country-wide recount of the votes cast in the March 2, polls.

During a brief statement via a video posted on his Facebook page, Ali challenged the APNU/AFC officials, whom he said, are making false claims that the Coalition has won the recent elections, to make their Statements of Poll (SoPs) available for the public to see.

“Let me very clear; the PPP/C is not afraid of any recount. We have made it very clear that we have our SoPs, the SoPs are out there, the persons who are afraid are those who refuse to bring to the public their copies of the SoPs,” Ali fumed.

The Presidential Candidate noted that GECOM also has a responsibility to share their copies of the SoPS with all the Commissioners, but the electoral body has refused to do so.

He added that the SoPs were available to every political party who contested the elections, once they  had a representative in the polling station on elections day. “Where are those SoPs; why is it that those SoPs are hidden, what is there to hide in those SoPs?” Ali asked.

“I challenge the APNU/AFC to make their SoPs available,” Ali said.

Ali added that the International Community and the entire Guyanese public know exactly which party won the elections.

Notwithstanding this, he said that the PPP is committed to supporting all the steps to ensure that the recount is carried out to enhance transparency and accountability in the electoral process.

Ali also blasted the Coalition for rejecting key measures which he said would have added credibility to the recount process. He said that there is no justification for rejecting live-steaming of the recount and having the Auditor General or a reputable audit firm aid the process.

Almost every stakeholder involved in the elections had signalled their support for live-streaming of the national recount on the basis that it would have boosted public confidence in the process and made it easier for the results to be accepted by all parties.

“We are not going to rest until the votes are counted and a legitimate government is sworn in,” Ali promised.

FILE: Political parties’ reps and observers blocked at barricades at the GECOM Command Centre in Georgetown

It is now close to sixty days since the elections were held and a credible winner is yet to be officially declared by GECOM.

Much drama followed the declaration of fraudulent elections  results, on two occasions, for District Four by Returning Officer Clairmont Mingo. The Court rejected both declarations and paved the way for a recount of the votes before a winner is declared.

GECOM is in the process of finalising arrangements for the recount; which is expected to commence soon.