Norton Street resident killed in dispute over water at Bagotstown


By Ramona Luthi

One person is now in police custody following the murder of a Georgetown resident, in Water Street, Bagotstown, East Bank Demerara on Tuesday morning.

Dead is Mark Ifill of Norton Street, Georgetown.

According to eyewitnesses, at approximately 10:45hrs on Tuesday, Ifill – who was described as the neighbourhood “junkie” – was stabbed to death by a Bagotstown resident.

Based on reports received, Ifill was filling bottles of water along a pathway which leads to the house of the accused.

The 31-year-old accused reportedly approached him and demanded that he remove from the location and “stop fulling water.” However, Ifill ignored him and continued to fill his many bottles and loaded them into his wheel barrow. This enraged the alleged perpetrator who reportedly started a fight with the now dead man.

INews was told that the two were engaged in a fist fight for some minutes, when a gun fell out from the body of the accused. The alleged perpetrator reportedly attempted to shoot the “neighbourhood handyman” but soon realised that he had no bullets.

Investigators at the crime scene

As such, the fist fight continued and a neighbour reportedly went out to part the fight, telling the two men to “take a break.”

The duo stopped fighting and Ifill reportedly went back to filling his bottles until a woman described as “the sergeant’s wife” told him to leave. Ifill’s response was that “okay madam. I respect you so I won’t full water here.”

The deceased was filling these containers with water before he was fatally stabbed

Upon hearing that, the accused rushed into his yard but was stopped by the same woman who is also his neighbour and she reportedly tried to calm him down before letting him go home to his pregnant wife and five children.

“She tell he think about he family before he do anything stupid. The policeman wife tell the man you know…she tell he that the junkie ain’t got nothing to lose, who gon tek care of he children..and he still go and kill the man,” an eyewitness told this online publication today.

Nevertheless, the alleged perpetrator refused to heed the woman’s advice and instead went into his home, armed himself with a knife and went out to confront the “junkie” again.

It was during this process that Ifill hit the accused numerous times with a bat as he tried to defend himself against the knife in the hands of the perpetrator.

However, this attempt by the now dead man proved futile as he was stabbed once to his abdomen and succumbed shortly after since no one in the neighbourhood wanted to transport him to the hospital in their vehicle.

The police were informed and the accused was detained, after he reportedly hid the murder weapon.

The accused is said to be no stranger to breaching the law since he was involved in another incident back in 2012 which left the then 26-year-old Mark Solomon of Non Pariel, East Coast Demerara, dead.


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