Normalisation Committee ready to reform Guyana’s football



: Tariq Williams, Dr Karen Pilgrim, Clinton Urling and Stuart May.
: Tariq Williams, Dr Karen Pilgrim, Clinton Urling and Stuart May.

[] – For the first time since it’s appointment by world governing body of football FIFA, the Normalisation Committee made its first public address, outlining its mandate to reform Guyana’s football.

Chairman of the five member committee, Clinton Urling is confident of the committee’s ability to bring about change.

“It requires a collective effort, we have to embrace a mantra of unity, if we divide and do separate things football will suffer. We are all doing this voluntarily and for me I see it as a national service,” Urling stressed.

The committee, handpicked by FIFA with all members having no previous connection to football, will be tasked with running the day-to-day activities of the GFF as well as overseeing the next elections of the GFF along with engaging all stakeholders.

However, Urling made it clear that the Normalisation Committee’s most important task will be reforming the constitution of the GFF that had too many “grey areas”.

In addition, the Normalisation plans to help the sister associations with their constitution as well while hoping to build a strategic plan for football that will sustain itself.

Meanwhile, as ‎the year comes to a close the Normalisation Committee plans to enjoy the year end tournament(s) until next year their efforts will kick into high gear with their 2015 September Time line on the horizon.


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