Nonpareil family counting losses after bandits broke into their home for fourth time


Members of a Nonpareil, East Coast Demerara family are still counting their losses after bandits broken into their home for the fourth time and several items were stolen.

According to information received, the robbery occurred on Tuesday at Lot 88 Block 12, Nonpareil, East Coast Demerara (ECD). Gaitrie Sookraj-Persaud told Inews that she occupies the bottom flat of the property with her family while the second storey is uninhabited.

She would have left for work in the morning and upon arriving home at about 15:15h, the house was ransacked and three panes from a window were removed. Further inspection revealed that the rear door was left ajar. She deduced that the suspects gained entry from one of the bedrooms and then made their escape through the backdoor. During the incident, all parts of the house were searched for valuables.

According to Sookraj-Persaud, her family has been living in the community for some eight years and they have experienced a string of robberies as of 2017. While it would have started as small attempts, four break-and-enters have been recorded since that time. During previous instances, a large quantity of money and phones were stolen.

While they are still assessing their losses, jewelry and some electronic devices were taken by the suspects.

“This time, I can’t find some jewelry, a video camera, a computer and tablet so far. We’re still looking to see what is missing. It looks like they were looking for money,” the woman explained.

A report was made at the Vigilance Police Station as the investigation continues.

It was indicated that the number of robberies within Nonpareil has significantly increased, and residents have employed various security measures to keep themselves safe.