No vending on Charity Market Tarmac – REO Jaikaran

REO Denis Jaikaran in conversation with one of the vehicle owners

The Regional Administration of Region 2 (Pomeroon – Supenaam) has taken steps to have the Charity Market Tarmac, Essequibo Coast cleared of vendors in efforts to restore the area as the designated parking lot.

In a statement, issued on Friday, Regional Executive Officer (REO) Denis Jaikaran and his team of Engineers related

REO Denis Jaikaran in conversation with one of the vehicle owners

that they visited the Charity Waterfront and met with residents, vendors and owners of the vehicles that are permanently parked on the tarmac.

Jaikaran and his team reminded the vehicle owners who are vending illegally on the tarmac that the area is only designated for parking adding that their actions have been causing discomfort to both residents and persons accessing the market.

The REO further ordered that the vehicles and vendors be cleared from the tarmac so as to have a more orderly parking area. The relocation is expected to be done before the next market day which is Monday. Also, persons vending in and around the construction site for the new mini sluice to be built at the Charity Waterfront will be relocated so as to facilitate work which will commence shortly.

Business owners and residents living in Charity welcomed the move by the REO to stamp out the lawlessness that is taking place in the community. They reported that it is especially worse on Mondays since it is market day and a lot of vendors from throughout the country venture to the area to ply their trade. Additionally, when the vendors are finished with the market day the streets and drains are laced with garbage causing health hazards as well as clogging of the drains which results in flooding at times.



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