No sugar shortage – GuySuCo tells Govt


The Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) is perplexed at reports about a shortage of sugar in the country, and has indicated that this is far from the truth.

Citizens have been complaining of an apparent shortage of sugar on the local market, resulting in increased prices for the commodity which is now seemingly in short supply.

INews also spoke to several persons who indicated that non of their local shops are selling the product.

These reports have reached the Agriculture Minister Zulfikar Mustapha who raised the issue with the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) on Wednesday morning.

In discussion with the top management of the sugar company however, the Minister was assured that there is no shortage of sugar.

“I’m not aware of it, I met GuySuCo this morning and they assured me there is no shortage of sugar…I told them to call in the distributors and inform them what are the views around the country of people saying sugar short and the price gone up…they told me, they assured me there is no shortage of sugar,” Mustapha said when contacted by this publication for a comment on the issue.

He said the suspicion at the moment is that “some people want to create a shortage”. Against this backdrop, he warned that any suppler hoarding in a bid to increase the price for the commodity will be dealt with accordingly.

Minister Mustapha directed further questions on the matter to the acting Chief Executive Officer at GuySuCo Threbowan Shiwprasad.

When contacted, Shiwprasad indicated that he is in a meeting and that this publication should call back at a later time.