No State funds were used for President’s inauguration

President David Granger during his inauguration. [Stabroek News' Photo]

By Jomo Paul

President David Granger during his inauguration. [Stabroek News' Photo]
President David Granger during his inauguration. [Stabroek News’ Photo]
[] – Speaker of the National Assembly, Dr Barton Scotland wasted no time in addressing an erroneous article published in some sections of the media, to the effect that the APNU+AFC government used some $36B from the treasury to fund the inauguration of President David Granger on May 26.

Dr Scotland stated that moments after the article was posted, it was brought to his attention, and he had given an undertaking to review the statements made by Junior Education Minister Nicolette Henry during the consideration of the estimates.

The Speaker also said that he found it unfortunate that a Member of Parliament, cognizant of the Speaker’s decision on the issue, would proceed to make public utterances about the matter in a local newscast.

“I have arranged for the recording to be heard in the chamber immediately after I stop speaking so members can judge for themselves and see whether the grounds exist for the report by the online news service,” he said.

He then warned the news entity that while it has a duty to inform the nation, it must do so in a manner that is responsible and credible. Dr Scotland requested that the information be corrected by the news outfit post haste.

Meanwhile, earlier in the day, Minister of Finance, Winston Jordan told a post cabinet media briefing that no State funds were used for the President’s inauguration.

He admitted however that $1M was used to clean up the Guyana National Stadium for the hosting of the event.

“Essentially the Stadium benefited from the clean up… the One Million was used to trim the grass, do a bit of maintenance of the Stadium, clean the toilets…do the car parks with all the patching of the holes and so forth,” Jordan explained.

He also criticized the reporter of the online news source for not executing more responsibility in her article.

“The girl at the Parliament the night, I mean can you honestly put that $35.6B was spent on the inauguration? I mean, honestly is that a news item in little poor Guyana? Is that responsible journalism?” Jordan questioned.



  1. Obviously gov’t monies was used for the inauguration, but only intelligent people can figure that out. Th peoples of Guyana are so ignorant that they cannot tell fact from fiction…..I say that it must be poor upbringing that is the fault……almost 4 months of blatant ghettoism actions taken by the PNC. Guyana is probably the only country in the world that people stand idly by as their country is being democratically raped.

  2. she just needs to tarnished the Govt,s reputation and make them look bad.typical PPP spy.Look out Govt,your enemies are around u.

  3. Some journalists operate like ‘burnalists’ – they burn the TRUTH. So they loose credibility and they are most always angry when they realise that decent and intelligent people have no respect for them.


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