No reason given for denying MP access to NOC; Granger to raise issue in Nat’l Assembly

APNU Member, Christopher Jones.

By Fareeza Haniff

( – Leader of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) David Granger says he will take the issue of his Parliamentarian, Christopher Jones being denied access to the New Opportunity Corps (NOC) to the National Assembly. 

APNU Member, Christopher Jones.
APNU Member, Christopher Jones.

Following damning revelations of the students there being raped and assaulted, Jones wrote the Youth Ministry requesting permission to visit the institution; however he received a letter which was signed by the Permanent Secretary, Alfred King to the effect that his request was denied. 
According to Granger, no reason was given by the Ministry for denying the visit. 
“I saw the letter myself and I was quite astonished because the juveniles in that NOC have no voice,” the Opposition Leader told a news conference on Friday, May 30.
He explained that Jones represents the Pomeroon/ Supenaam region.
“It is quite absurd, the response which was given on the Ministry’s letterhead paper, signed by Mr Alfred King…he is the King of the place there. It’s a matter we have to take to Parliament..if an MP cannot give representation to its constituents, what is the purpose of having a parliament?” Granger questioned.
He further noted, “No reason was given and we are not prepared to live with that. There is a problem at the NOC and we feel that the MPs must be given access.”
Jones recently called for polygraph tests to be administered to the caregivers at the institution following allegations that they sexually assault the students. 



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