‘No one will be out of a job’ – DeSinco Trading boss


One day after a devastating fire ripped through the DeSinco Trading Limited located on Sheriff Street, Georgetown, Managing Director of the establishment, Frank De Abreu on Thursday, stated that no staff will be out of a job.

“No staff member will be out of a job…I rather reduce profits than to put people out of a job this time or any time of the year,” De Abreu told Inews today.

He explained that staff members who were employed at the location which was destroyed by the recent fire will be placed at another branch.

The businessman was unable to estimate his loses, which he believes could run into the millions, but noted that the business was insured.

Nevertheless, he reiterated when and how he found out about the fire.

“One of our employees lives in the house, but she was at work at the time. It was around quarter past one, I understand and while no one was in the house at the time and then the fire started.”

De Abreu, who remained composed throughout the entire incident, stated that if firefighters had enough water, the building could have been saved.

“When I came, the fire was what I call control; the one fire [truck] put it under control, but then the [truck] went out of water, and then the fire went up. Then, another fire truck came, and the firemen made a good effort to save, but they did not have water,” he concluded.

The fire reportedly started at about 13:00h on Wednesday. Despite the fact that several fire tenders were dispatched to the scene, tapping into water sources was a challenge.

Firefighters spent more than three hours battling the blaze as flames ripped through and ultimately destroyed the entire building.

After almost three hours of battling the blaze, a truck with a telescoping boom-ladder arrived at the scene and was used to tackle the blaze from overhead.

By this time, the property as well API was completely gutted.

The cause of the fire is still unknown, but the fire officials are continuing their probe.