No new coronavirus case in Guyana


The Ministry of Public Health today provided an update on the COVID-19 situation in Guyana, where it was revealed that there are no new cases in the country.

To date, there are five confirmed cases including one death. All cases are traced back to one family.

Of those with the virus, there are four adults under the age of 60 (including the deceased) and one child.

Caretaker Public Health Minister Volda Lawrence, during a six-minute long live-streamed update, said nine persons are under mandatory quarantine, four are under mandatory isolation, and one individual is a ‘person of interest’.

Persons in quarantine are individuals who have been in contact with the virus whereas persons in isolation are sick and show symptoms of the virus.

Persons under quarantine and isolation are receiving psycho-social support services from the Health Ministry’s Mental Health Unit and the Ministry of Social Protection.

Meanwhile, the Ministry said it is continuing with its awareness campaign. Authorities have already translated the messages into four indigenous languages: Wapichan, Makushi, Akawaio, and Patamona.

They are currently working on developing messages specifically for persons with disabilities and the country’s migrant population.