‘No negotiation in public space’ – AFC tells APNU  

General Secretary of the AFC, David Patterson
General Secretary of the AFC, David Patterson

[www.inewsguyana.com] –  The Alliance for Change  (AFC) says it notes with interest reports in sections of the media attributed to the Chairman of the main opposition – A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) –  in relation to the state of affairs with the proposed Pro-Democracy Alliance discussions and has sought to clarify its position.

Below is the Party’s statement which was issued by AFC’s General Secretary David Patterson:

“On the last meeting of the General Secretaries of both parties the AFC tabled a Non-Disclosure Agreement for the review and signing by the APNU, with the clear understanding that on the return of the signed document the AFC would release to APNU, our Draft Memorandum of Understanding which would form the template for our negotiations.

The AFC’s publicly stated timeframe was not limited to discussions with APNU only but with all interested and invited stakeholders and the party intends to work within that imeframe.

AFC is prepared to issue our draft MOU to the APNU within twenty four (24) hours of receiving the signed Non-Disclosure document and to start negotiation within 48 hours thereafter which could be as early as Wednesday January 7, 2015.

In the meantime we have continued to meet with serious-minded groups and individuals and are finalizing our campaign team and strategy and subsequent structure and plan for government.

Finally, it should be noted that we don’t intend to negotiate agreement within the public space and therefore will not be commenting further on this matter until there is a substantive announcement to be made.”



  1. Political immaturity seems to be the hallmark of the AFC…. On the flipside could it be that the Puppetiers are impatient !!! Ha ha …. Granger, LEAD us not into temptation …. Pray hard ….. If that can help ….

  2. AFC. It’s time you stop your frivolousness!! All of a sudden you the AFC choose to stop washing your dirty linen in the street (public)? Have you the AFC run out of wicked fabrications and lies? Hey, you’re nothing without the PNC! Piggy backing is all you know. Ramjattan, need to tell the Guyanese people why Christopher ram rebuked, and try to correct you in front of his colleagues.
    The AFC has been accustomed to run to Kaieteur news with the most trivial matters.
    Why would they change? They wouldn’t, they can’t! It’s all about hoodwinking the nation. Guyanese are smart people, we know exactly what the AFC is trying to do.
    I said it before and I say it again. The AFC will never, ever formed the Government by themselves. The PNC knows that the AFC will be a liability to them, and the PPP knows that they can’t trust the AFC. The AFC is in a self destruct mode right now.
    The AFC biggest mistakes were when they put themselves in bed with the PNC.

  3. These are the individuals who speak about transparency. They don’t even want their supporters to know what deal they are going into.


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