No more money for ‘indefinite’ Walter Rodney COI – PNC/R



By Kurt Campbell

PNCR[] – The People’s National Congress Reform (PNC/R) has called on the government to ensure the Commission of Inquiry (COI), set up to investigate into the June 1980 death of Guyanese Politician and Historian, Dr. Walter Rodney honors September deadline; warning that it will not support additional funding should the Commission’s life be prolonged.

The COI was initially scheduled to last four months, following its February commencement date; however, President Donald Ramotar, upon whose instructions the Inquiry was established initially, had extended its life to September 30, 2014.

Lead Counsel for the PNC at the Commission, Basil William believes that notwithstanding the extension, the COI remains open ended and is not likely to reveal the truth in relation to the circumstances under which Dr. Rodney died.

At a press conference on Friday, August 08, he demands that the only witness to the explosion that killed Rodney, his brother Donald Rodney along with Former Crime Chief Cecil ‘Skipp’ Roberts and Former Army Chief Norman McLean should be brought to give testimony after which hearings should conclude.

He believes the COI has spent too much time dealing with the political atmosphere and climate at the time, instead of seeking out the direct truth in relation to Rodney’s unnatural death.

“I want the believe the purpose of the Commission is not really to find out how Rodney died but to besmirch the reputation of the PNC and other individuals who have served this country,” Williams said; adding that “this is what the government is doing because it is preparing for elections.”

He was supported in this regard by Opposition Leader David Granger who accused the ruling People’s Progressive Party (PPP) of manipulating the COI in a plot to provoke resentment against the PNC/R.

“The PPP deliberately waited over twenty years and until the onset of local government elections to convene the COI. It now seeks to divert attention from the prevalent problems of crime, corruption, incompetence and internal conflict within its own ranks,” Granger said.

Over the last four months of hearings allegations, claiming PNC’s involvement in Rodney’s death have been loud and several.

The PNC has since resented these claims; reasoning that it is unsupported. Today, Granger said the extension was clumsy and believes the cost for the COI, in the end, might exceed US$1 million.

Granger believes the daily hearing have been reduced to soap opera where citizens tune in for entertainment.

Meanwhile, Attorney – at – Law and Opposition Parliamentarian, James Bond believes the COI is well serving its purpose as a distraction to the people of Guyana from the more important issues of the day.

“Guyanese must refuse this game, boycott this game and pay attention to the more pressing issues,” he said. He said the people must see the PPP who they are; adding that there motive is primitive.





  1. What a waste 1 million$ US = $200000000 Guy dollars, thats at least two hundred thousand million Do you know how much can be done with that amount of money in a country that is struggling with crime poverty under paid workers and children going with out food the homeless the sick the diseased. we all know who killed Sir Walter Rodney this is not rocket science. Come guyana put monies to better and greater things.

  2. Let’s face it I cannot see the PNC winning an election with the kind of leadership they have at present. I have lived and worked in this country of ours under both parties and it is a known fact, that elections are always guided along race lines. Guyana has more Indians than Blacks, so who do you think will win. Two things can work towards making the country better . 1/ The opposition needs to man up fess up and look to the future and be there to represent the less fortunate and add stability to the leading party in decisions making so that all Guyana can benefit. or 2/ Elect an Indian to the head chair of this party working for the good of all restoring this great country.

  3. in order for pnc to wrap this thing up in a blink:::
    let granger hamme green and carl greenidge step up and testify what they know about the slaughter of rodney…they know lots…

  4. “A drowning man clutches at a straw”, the PNC know they will loose the next elections, so they already start the blame game on the PPP. I ‘ve seen it elsewhere, some are already blaming the PPP for a PNC aka APNU loss. This group of losers are living in the past because they fail to recognize that Guyanese will not swallow any or everything they say. The people are well informed, so don’t try to mislead them on the Rodney COI.

  5. If there is life after death, Guyana’s first Executive President, Mr Burnham is probably on a horse, cane in hand, well polished riding boots, smoking a Cuban cigar contemplating this new episode a concluding these clowns whom he surrounded himself with now seek to even further him in death and Granger of all persons ? What a clown ? Now putting another nail in the coffin of the PNC !!! Granger should refer back to his traning notes when he was a military student on the Analytic Mind Set and review the categories of mis perception and bias and try to ascertain where he is, where he stands and ponder how he has failed himself and Guyana!! Forbes may still have some hope and is probably slyly smiling, with Elvin Mc David to his right and Kester Alves left, all of them though, avoiding the lingering and inescapable presence of the esteemed Dr Jagan who is simply thinking to himself if only ?

  6. It is no secret that the PNC does not support this endeavor. They will do anything to kill it. Ironic, the fingers are pointing in their direction of Dr Rodneys killing during their watch.


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