No leads in brothers’ murder at Father’s Beach


More than two months have elapsed since the bullet-riddled bodies of two brothers who left their home to fish were discovered at Father’s Beach, North West District, Region One (Barima-Waini), and the murderers are yet to be found.

To date, although investigations are ongoing, there has been no solid lead as to who may have orchestrated or executed the gruesome crime.

Initially, at the time of the killings, the police had noted that high calibre guns were believed to have been used in the shooting to death of Eon Mathias and his brother Rakesh.

According to the autopsy report, one brother died from three gunshot wounds to his back while the other lost his life after being tortured, chopped about his body, and shot to his back twice.

The bullets exited the men’s bodies through the front.

According to the pathologist report, all of the gunshot wounds were caused by being fired from “high calibre weapons.”

The brothers’ bodies were found less than 25 hours after they left home to go fishing.

The duo had left their home on October 9 in their boat to fish at Father’s Beach, and that was the last time the two men were seen alive.

It was reported that between 14:00h and 14:30h on the day in question, residents near that location (including the brothers’ relatives) heard a series of gunshots being fired.

The stepfather of the two men immediately ventured to the location that the brothers would have been fishing at but did not locate them.

He then made a report to the police and ranks from that region, accompanied by ranks from the Guyana Defence Force (GDF), conducted a thorough search in the area but their efforts were futile; the brothers had disappeared without a trace.

Fearing the worst, the stepfather returned to his community and notified persons that his stepsons could not be found. On the following day, persons around the area noticed two bodies near Father’s Beach.

Upon closer inspection, they realised that the men were dead and immediately notified the police.

Police Divisional Commander in that area, Wendell Blanhum had previously told Guyana Times that there were several gunshots visible on the men and that one of the brothers also sustained several chop wounds about his body indicating that he had been tortured before he was killed.