No drugs: Region Two cancels medical outreaches


Several medical outreaches that were scheduled for the month of May and June in Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam) had to be cancelled due to a shortage of drugs within the region.
This was disclosed by People’s Progressive Party (PPP) councillor, Arnold Adams, at the Regional Democratic Council’s (RDC’s) statutory meeting.
Adams said that as a result of the shortage of drugs, no medical outreach was conducted.

Govt councillor, Julian Cummings

This, he said, is creating “great inconvenience” to residents, as many of them cannot afford to access the services offered at the regional hospitals.
According to the councillor, essential drugs at the hospitals are short supplied, and many times residents are forced to purchase their prescriptions at local pharmacies. The issue is said to have been existing for quite some time, and despite representation made on several occasions, remains the same, he said.

Adams also explained that during his recent meeting with staff at the hospital, the pharmacists informed that the situation is worrying, and advised that medications should be purchased to sustain patients’ lives. The staff emphasised that the drug shortages need to be dealt with urgently. A list was, on two occasions, sent by the Medical Superintendent of the Suddie Hospital to the Director of MMU.

Opposition councillor, Arnold Adams

Government councillor Julian Cummings also called for the dental boat Janet Jagan (Lady J) to be put into operation to assist residents in the Pomeroon River. Cummings said the boat can provide dental services to residents within the riverine areas, and called for the region to make full use of the boat.
Regional Chairman Davenand Ramdatt said that the dental boat currently requires some maintenance work. As it relates to the drug shortages, Ramdatt said the Ministry of Public Health was written, and to date the region is waiting for a response. (Indra Natram)


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