No confidence resolution: PSC says CJ’s ruling should be respected by all

Chairman of the PSC Desmond Sears
Chairman of the PSC Desmond Sears

Following the ruling of the Acting Chief Justice (CJ) Roxanne George that the no confidence motion was validly passed and that government would have to resign and call elections within the 90 days time period as is catered for in the constitution, the Private Sector Commission is calling on all the players involved to respect the decision.

See their statement below:

The Chief Justice has ruled that the no confidence motion passed in the National Assembly on 21st December 2018, is lawful and valid.  The Private Sector Commission calls upon our political parties and, indeed the entire nation, to respect this decision.

The Private Sector Commission, therefore, now calls upon the Guyana Elections Commission to fulfil its Constitutional obligation to hold itself ready to conduct General Elections as is required by the Constitution as a result of the no confidence motion, that is, within ninety days of the motion, unless otherwise extended by a two-thirds majority of the Parliament.

The Commission further calls upon GECOM to immediately declare its position on this question as a matter of public interest and necessity.



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