No Confidence Motion to be tabled in October – Opposition Leader

The Donald Ramotar administration.


Opposition Leader, David Granger
Opposition Leader, David Granger

[] – Opposition Leader, David Granger has revealed that the combined political opposition will table the no confidence motion against the government in the National Assembly in October.

Granger, who is also the Leader of A Partnership for National Unity [APNU], told some members of the media today that Parliament goes into recess on Friday, August 08 and will not reconvene until October 10.

He clarified that there is no sitting before August 08. At its shadow cabinet meeting yesterday, the APNU decided to support the motion, spearheaded by the minority political party – the Alliance for Change [AFC] – which used the alleged illegal spending of Finance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh as one of its grounds to table the motion.

For weeks, the APNU had been iffy about its support of the motion. If tabled and passed in the National Assembly, the Donald Ramotar led administration will have to resign and prepare for general elections in three months.

“The Partnership [APNU] is fed up with this lawlessness and it is not possible, it is not feasible that we can continue with the government that does not respect the will of the majority in the National Assembly and is not prepared to abide by the constitution, so it’s not a matter of readiness, we are certainly not ready to put up with this Government’s lawlessness,” Granger said.

On a separate note, he said the APNU is willing to accept the AFC into its partnership; however, coalition talks with that Party have not taken place.

The Donald Ramotar administration.
The Donald Ramotar administration.

“No we have had no coalition talks with the AFC but we have been collaborating with the AFC for the past 30 months but we have not discussed coalition with them but the APNU because its committed to national unity, because it’s a multi party coalition, we have always stated that our mission is to establish a government of national unity and the more parties, the more interest groups, the more civil society groups that come in would be the better for us because we do not want to exclude anybody.

“The whole concept of a government of national unity is based on a concept of inclusionary democracy so we would welcome the AFC into the partnership as soon as they are ready.”

The Opposition leader is confident that the Party will win the next election.

“We are confident because the PPP has made a mess of the country, nobody can pretend that this country is safe when you look at the rate of piracy murders, ordinary crime, armed robberies and murders in the hinterland and elsewhere. When you look at traffic accidents and trafficking in persons, when you look at the outbreak of chickungunya, I don’t think that anybody is happy with the way Guyana is going now so we’re very confident that the people have no confidence in the PPP to continue running this country for another 1, 2, 3 or 5 years,” Granger opined.

Granger noted that the calls for local government elections will not be on the back burner because of its plans to move a no confidence motion.




  1. Congrats to the now leaders of this country “Please continue to do the best you can to lead this country foward to a better place a higher level and all will be well”. Let us put race aside clean up the Police force of the corrupt ones and give all Guyanese an equal chance to improve their way of life and once again become the leader of the third world countries. We have the resources the brains just let wisdom prevail.

  2. granger think the ex ppp men in afc are that stupid to join pnc in advance to contest election ha ha ha..all guyanese know afc and they know afc is a racist political party……one time trotman head of afc he took the black votes from pnc ..
    nagamoottoo joined afc he took the indian votes from….who will be leader of afc?? certainly not ramjattan… hes a dunce when it comes to politics…he ent gat it period…certainly not nagamoottoo….he gat to answer to the people of whim why he allowed nigel hughes his afc comrade to unleash his thugs on indians on agricola public road..certainly not nigel or cathy hughes…well they got more baggage than a flight from guyana to america on caribbean air line ..if afc only say the word collate with pnc they dead done vamoosh goose cooked ….well poor roopnarine have no say since this rodney thing blow he out the water…lucky if he is still around dancing to pnc tune..

  3. in october??? why october?? why not now…do it..get it over with before parliament goes to your business before friday..this is an emergency to you granger..ask the president if parliament can continue for a few days to get this thing sure he will accommodate you all power hungry gluts…stop holding nation to ransom..get it over now..let the people go back to the polls soon..


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