‘No confidence motion is not a one day affair; could be a Soap Opera’ – Dr Luncheon

Cabinet Secretary. Dr. Roger Luncheon.


By Tracey Khan – Drakes

Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon
Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Roger Luncheon says Government is not ruling out the possibility of calling snap elections before the combined political Opposition tables a no confidence motion against the government.

“Nothing is impossible, nothing is impossible”, he responded when questioned by reporters at a post cabinet press briefing today whether it would be more strategic to make this move and not wait on the Opposition.

Dr Luncheon, who is also Head of the Presidential Secretariat, assured that government will not go down without a fight, as he explained that there is several “process” that needs to be adhered to before the tabling of the motion.

His response came following the revelation by the main Opposition – A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) that it will support the motion, spearheaded by the minority political party – the Alliance for Change [AFC].

For weeks, the APNU had been iffy about its support of the motion. If tabled and passed in the National Assembly, the Donald Ramotar led administration will have to resign and prepare for general elections in three months.

Dr Luncheon explained to reporters that the motion will have to firstly be introduced, debated and then the Speaker will rule.

“It is for the motion to be introduced, for the Speaker to rule and then kicking in would be the decision making on these issues…and this has to do with timing the exigencies, you have a recess, you have a process for consideration of a no confidence motion.

“It is not intended to be a one day affair…the process will entail delving into the constitution, standing orders, the law, agreements among the political parties on the way forward.”

He questioned how a no confidence motion is dealt with in the House.

“The debate and the points that are made and the points that are not made and who said what; I don’t mind having a soap opera behind the whole issues, the whole process evolving to its fullest before a decision is made,” Dr Luncheon said.

He is confident that the ruling party will win the majority “for the local and or general elections” at any point.




  1. the opposition has no confidence in the government but full confidence in gecom, and for good reason. in the last election gecom hide away 19 ballot boxes from ppp stronghold and did not count them .they give some ppp voters tendered ballots that don’t count. they put out ppp officials and did the counting by themselves.it is time the ppp man up and stand up for themselves on these matters.it is time surujballi should go.

  2. the ppp need to stop punishing it’s supporters pnc would never have done this to it own ppp keep using gra to hurt it’s supporters time for them to stop and let people get a chance to live if you think this is lie when ppp lose the case with thrill soft drinks they wanted the people to pay the 5 dollars on items made in guyana while the chinese r having a ball with the tax free businesses they don’t pay taxes and they don’t pay nis but let a lil clothes vender look like they making money nis deh pun you white pun rice if chinese could come here and enjoy this country the people here have the right to enjoy too we keep protesting for the wrong things stand up for what is rightfully ours as a people pnc/apnu -afc they all want to get their hands on the money and the cycle will start again wake up pppc people fed up with they way yall and yall friends enjoying everything in this country yall selling out everything like if yall own it STOP BEFORE IT TOO LATE AND THE PEOPLE MAKE A MISTAKE THEY WILL REGRET FOR THE NEXT 50 YEARS

  3. PPPC must never say the word ” snap”
    Its PNC that brought this no confidence crap..
    PPPC must shove it down PNC throats so deep that they say ” no confidence”
    It would have been a wise thing for PPPC to call snap election but PNC want no confidence then let it be no confidence..
    Its easy for them to remain in parliament and trash out whatever it is then say no confidence..
    The Guyanese people are ready for majority rule..

  4. Tie the hands of the PPP/C to a tree and
    it will still give the opposition a sound thrashing.
    It is time to send them to their demise.
    The bedfellows will go down hand in hand to their demise.


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