No confidence: MAPM to protest Mayor, Town clerk, says they are not ‘fit’ for office


The Movement Against Parking Meters (MAPM) on Wednesday asserted their solidarity with former Deputy Mayor, Sherod Duncan on his call for a “no confidence” motion to be brought against Town Clerk, Royston King and is now requesting that he take the same action against the Mayor of Georgetown, Patricia Chase-Green.

File photo: Town Clerk Royston King and Mayor, Patricia Chase-Green

“MAPM stands with Councillor Duncan in full support of the ‘No Confidence’ motion and take this opportunity to encourage him to bring a similar motion against the Mayor,” they said in a press statement.

In this regard, they are also inviting members of the public to join them in their silent protest on March 15 2018 (tomorrow) at 12pm, in front of City Hall.

“We would like to invite the public to join our silent protest on Thursday March 15, 2018 from 12 noon to 1 pm as we register not only our support for Councillor Duncan, but also our unequivocal rejection of Patricia Chase-Green and Royston King to continue as administrators of our city.”

Offering a thorough explanation for their stance, the MAPM said that the Statutory meeting conducted on Monday last, which resulted in Mayor Chase-Green striking down Duncan’s move of a “no-confidence” motion against King without the motion being read displayed an “all time low” as the “the basic concepts of democracy and good governance” were reduced to mere ashes.

Commenting on the fact that the Mayor accepted the legal advice from Attorney Maxwell Edwards, which was brought by the Town Clerk and read to the Council without the motion being tabled, the MAPM said that this was a “well orchestrated stage show and nothing short of ludicrous.”

Noteworthy, the entity said is the fact that Chase-Green was part of the cabal to move a motion of “no confidence” more than once against former Town Clerk, Carol Sooba following the same procedures as Councillor Duncan.

As such, the MAPM is demanding that the Mayor explain to the citizens of Georgetown how the previous motions were deemed to have “locus Standi” and the one brought by Councillor Duncan does not.

“The motion of ‘No Confidence’ brought by Councillor Sherod Duncan was long overdue given the countless occasions that the Town Clerk not only flouted basic established principles of transparency and accountability, but the fashion in which he continues to ‘rule’ can only be described as oppressive.

“The Town Clerk, like the Mayor, by virtue of their behaviour continue to display a discernible lack of respect for the Council as a whole, the Honourable Minister of Communities and the citizens of Georgetown. This cannot and must not be allowed to continue unfettered,” they maintained.

The MAPM said it “would like to make it clear that after an assessment of the conduct of the Mayor and Town Clerk, and taking into account the important nature of the role of the offices they hold, considers them both to NOT be fit and proper to hold such office.”


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