No confidence lost in Ernie Ross – Foreign Affairs Ministry


By Jomo Paul

Guyana’s Honorary Consul in Trinidad and Tobago Ernie Ross

[] – Guyana’s Honorary Consul in Trinidad and Tobago Ernie Ross will soon have to explain to the Foreign Affairs Minister Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett exactly what role he has played in a recent scandal at the level of Trinidad and Tobago’s senate cabinet.

The recent scandal saw Trinidad’s Prime Minister Kamla Bissesar-Persad sacking her National Security Minister and Attorney General.

Sections of Trinidad society have called for the recently launched investigation into allegations of attempts to pervert the course of justice to be expanded to include, at minimum, Trinidad Minister Vasant Bharath and Ross.

Ross has been serving in his present capacity for a number of years.

Birkett however told media operatives on Wednesday, February 04 that while there is nothing that prevents the consuls from intervening in the local politics of the host country, she has asked that an explanation be provided since she is unaware to what extent his involvement reaches.

In a subsequent release, the Ministry said that a full background of the issue has been provided and the Ministry has lost no confidence in Ross’s ability to effectively represent the interests of Guyana in Trinidad and Tobago.

“Mr. Ross has provided a complete background to the situation and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reposes its confidence in the statement made by him and in his continued ability to responsibly carry out his duties on behalf of the Government of Guyana,” said the release.

It was noted that in addition to holding the unpaid position as Guyana’s Honorary Consul General to Trinidad and Tobago in Port of Spain, Ross is also head of the advertising firm, Ross Advertising. As Honorary Consul General, Ross is permitted to function in other capacities.





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