No Confidence bluff or election?



Dear Editor,

Vote+Of+No+Confidence+424127_226493830782362_17281831The Alliance For Change seems willing to proceed with its no confidence motion against the Donald Ramotar Government, despite no definitive support from the APNU.

The party has since written to the President indicating its intention to lay the motion in the national assembly.

Now while this started with Moses Nagamootoo just “mouthing off”, the PR mileage given to it has snowballed into something the AFC now wants to hold onto and demonstrate who has the bigger TC (testicular capacity).

But is this just a propaganda and political gimmick or is the AFC serious about snap elections? It is not as if they are the major party waiting to step into the government’s shoes, because they are miles away from developing that capacity.

This then brings into question, the AFC’s TC to either challenge the government and return as the minor opposition party in the National Assembly, or risk being metamorphosed into the APNU.

There is much risk however in the latter. Let’s examine the possibilities.

Were the AFC and APNU to go to the polls on a single ticket, the AFC leaders, particularly the two seeking the high office, Khemraj Ramjattan and Moses Nagamootoo will have to settle for second fiddle to the APNU leader. The APNU/PNCR supporters will have it no other way.

And after an initial move under the APNU’s umbrella, the AFC, like the other partners will find it difficult to retain its own identity.

Another risk is giving back the government their majorities hold in the Parliament.

This will be made possible, once those PPP/C supporters who withheld votes or voted for AFC decides that the AFC is now just another arm of the APNU/PNCR which will not find favour with them.

Already this was made clear by many of the AFC supporters who were aggrieved when the party simply supported the APNU in the National Assembly on several matters.

So while the AFC might want to show its teeth and move forward with this motion, many are wondering how far they will go with it. A point to note is that the APNU is not at this time giving much thought to this motion, given the fact that they are facing their own challenges with congress.


Citizen of Guyana.



  1. These people are hungry for power and will do anything to regain it from the PPPc….Even murder…..I’m keeping my distance…..If they can keep their own people lock down just to stay on top,within their own party,just imagine what will happen if they get to run this country.

  2. Elections is about money. Right now the PNC is almost bankrupt. They selling out property to pay bills. The AFC is not getting the donations from overseas because them supporters aint buying the message. So only the PPP/C is in good shape to fight an election. Ramotar should call an election in the next month and have them cushering. The AFC talk about no-confidence is all bluff and Ramotar should call their bluff. You can bet that Granger won’t support the no-confidence vote because the PNC is in no shape to fight a national election. Just look at what happened last week!

  3. AFC will never win an election if both the PPP and PNC continue to exist. The only hope is PNC winning(a very likely possibility) and incarcerating a vast majority of the PPP top brass for money laundering etc(an unlikely possibility since they are codependent). If a PPP is thus decimated then an only then will AFC stand a chance(not very likely).

  4. The AFC has no depth to rule Guyana and will depend on the PNC/APNU. They can bring it down, but the spoils will go to PNC/APNU. They will eventually be booted out just like Peter D’Aguiar’s United force.
    Remember, the entire dinosaur PNC machine is unemployed and in waiting! AFC will be cannibalised.


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