No. 63 Beach murder: Body of Surinamese to be sent home shortly, says Attorney

Investigators at the crime scene where the body was discovered
Murdered: Nitender Oemrawsingh (Image credit Starnieuws)

Attorney for now dead Surinamese businessman, Nitender Oemrawsingh whose body was found on Monday afternoon by Police on patrol at the Number 63 Beach, Corenyne, Berbice, with a gunshot wound to his head, said that formalities are now being fulfilled in order to have the deceased’s corpse sent home.

The man’s body is presently lodged in the Skeldon Hospital’s mortuary while Police in Guyana investigate.

According to a Surinamese report, a sleeve was discovered at the scene of the crime along with Oemrawsingh’s cell phone. Traces of a vehicle tracks were also found. However, an arrest is yet to be made.

Oemrawsingh whose body was found was later identified by the said Attorney, Irvin Kanhai.

He and his brother were both implicated in a 2.300 kilos of cocaine find in Suriname and had been wanted by authorities there for questioning.

However, the now dead man disappeared since January 11 and was found dead at about 16:00h by ranks on a police patrol that had gone to the beach as part of their routine patrol.

Investigations suggest that the dead man might have been killed execution style.

However, local investigations into the murder are ongoing.


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