Nismes resident dies in Houston accident

Dead: Ryan Ragubir

A West Bank Demerara (WBD) man has succumbed after he was struck down late Friday night while crossing the public road at Houston, Greater Georgetown. The accident occurred sometime around 23:00hrs.
Dead is Ryan Ragubir, 42, of Lot 13 Nismes Old Road, WBD. Ragubir worked as a carpenter at the Gafoors Houston Complex.

Dead: Ryan Ragubir
Dead: Ryan Ragubir

According to reports, after work on Friday, the father of one along with four other co-workers went to a nearby shop where they consumed alcohol. Later, the men left the shop and attempted to cross over to the other side of the East Bank highway.
At the same time, a car that was proceeding north on the western carriageway struck Ragubir, who was walking behind two of his co-workers. He was picked up by Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) in an ambulance and rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead. He reportedly sustained a broken neck.
The man’s sister, Nalini, related that she last saw her brother Friday morning before he left for work and that they were only informed about this death Saturday morning after one of his co-workers went to their home with the tragic news.
The woman noted that based on her conversation yesterday with the driver of the car, HB 8532, he (driver) noticed the men crossing too late and attempted to swerve from hitting them but struck Ragubir, who was walking at the back.

The car at the Ruimveldt Police Station
The car at the Ruimveldt Police Station

Meanwhile, one of the co-workers, who was present when the accident occurred, explained that the road was clear when they left the western carriageway to cross over to the eastern side. He recalled that he and another co-worker were in front talking as they were crossing while Ragubir was right behind.
The co-worker added that he and the other man had already crossed the median and were on the eastern carriageway when he heard the impact and upon turning around, he did not see Ragubir. The man had fallen onto the bonnet of the car and was rendered unconscious.
Ragubir leaves to mourn a six-year-old son, siblings and other family.
The driver of the car has since been arrested and is assisting with the investigations. (Guyana Times)


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