Nigel Hughes resigns as AFC Chairman


Alliance for Change (AFC) Chairman Nigel Hughes, earlier this evening, tendered his resignation at a management meeting of the party.

Nigel Hughes
Nigel Hughes

Reports are that his resignation follows a statement issued by the AFC last night in which it bluntly called for some of the powers of the Minister of State, Joseph Harmon to be reduced.

According to one report, Hughes’ resignation followed a statement last night from the AFC which said that the problems now facing the APNU+AFC government stem from the concentration of powers in Harmon and that the AFC would raise this matter at Cabinet.
The report said it would appear that not all of the senior AFC members agreed with the press release and this triggered Hughes’s resignation.
Meanwhile, Director of Public Information working out of the office of Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo, Imran Khan, issued a brief statement from the AFC shortly after 21:00 hrs tonight, which reads as follow:

“The Alliance For Change confirms that at a statutory Management Committee meeting of the party today, Chairman Nigel Hughes made an announcement with regard to his Chairmanship of the party.

Party Leader Khemraj Ramjattan, who was present at the meeting, subsequently spoke with Mr. Hughes and a meeting is arranged for Tuesday, April 12th.

The party confirms unequivocally that the statement issued on April 10th following its leadership retreat was a one which was unanimously approved by the attendees of the leadership retreat.

The party will make no further statement on this matter at this time.”



  1. I’m beginning to wonder when the New Administration will really start focusing on bringing about the changes they campaigned so vigorously for? So far we’re seeing the “physical changes” roads, gutters/trenches etc, but the internal is not good, your in-fighting, and public displays of continuous discourse, is an embarrassment to many of us who rooted for you. FOR CHRIST SAKE, GET A GRIP OF YOURSELVES, FROM WHERE I SIT, THE ONLY DIFFERENCE BETWEEN YOU AND THE PPP IS THE NAME OF YOUR PARTY!

  2. It is ironic that Mr. Hughes tender his resignation one day after the AFC made a prepared statement regarding the power given to Mr. Harmon. Sadly all of the soup catchers and opportunist I.e Ramjatan and Nagamootoo wanted power but were assigned ceremonial positions by the APNU led administration. Sadly the honeymoon from the coalition is over but AFC might want to get some viagra to help them through the marriage.i am confident that Mr. Hughes can see that the so call Cummingsberg agreement was all but a ploy by APNU just to get into power but now that they are they have no use for the AFC and both Nagamootoo and Ramjatan. Both of them were snakes when they were with the PPP. AFC is history and have all of their supporters. The most recent Local Government Election results in which the PPP got 62% of the votes is a clear indication the people of Guyana want and supports the PPP and prove to the world that the last general elections was rigged. Mr. Surujballi is a farce just like the AFC and is the downfall of the people and economic growth of Guyana. Mr. Huges – bravo for stepping down but you too have to bury your head in shame – sorry I just realized that you and the AFC are all shameless opportunistic soup catching individuals with no moral and ethical standards. I will not be surprised to reads in the news that Mr. Hughes has jumped ship to go with APNU – stay tuned folks. Let’s see what the divorce settlement will be and who will get kids or whether Nagamootoo and Ramjatatn announce that they pregnant with twins.


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