Nicolette Fermandes ranks 19th in the world

Nicolette Fernandes.
Nicolette Fernandes.

[]Guyanese squash ace Nicolette Fernandes has remained ranked among the top 20 players in the world.

This follows the latest release from the world international squash players association which sees her maintaining the 19th spot in the world.

Fernandes, who romps with the local males, attained the career-best ranking of 19 in October.  She has taken part in some five tournaments thus allowing her to be active on the tables.

The Guyanese would have entered the Carol Weymuller Open in the USA, the US open and the China Open in October, the Monte Carlo Classic in Monaco in November and the Hong Kong Open earlier this month.

The reigning Caribbean senior champion battled injury and a ranking of 249 four years ago to the spot where she is now, rated among the top 20 players in the world.



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