NGO posts bail for woman accused of killing husband in 2018

L-R: Melissa Playter and Victor Roberts

Melissa Playter, a mother of three, will soon be released from prison after her bail was posted by a nongovernmental organisation.

Playter, 27, is accused of killing her husband, 38-year-old Victor Roberts in December 2018. Roberts was said to be abusive.

When the case was called, the woman was granted bail but due to financial constraints, she was unable to post bail and as such, she remains in prison at the New Amsterdam female penitentiary.

However, the “You Are Not Alone” (YANA) Foundation, and Women and Gender Equality Commissioner, Vanda Radzik went to the woman’s aid and will post bail when the woman reappears in court this week.

President of YANA, Melissa Atwell expressed great concern that Playter was charged with murder without any legal representation. Further, she added that being a survivor of domestic violence, she thought it right to help Playter.

The woman been on remand since December 5, 2018, when she was charged with killing Roberts – the father of her youngest child.

Melissa Playter being escorted from the murder scene in December 2018

The 38-year-old man was reportedly stabbed to the chest by Playter after they were engaged in a heated argument on December 2, 2018.

Initially, Playter was unrepresented in December when she was charged, however, the Foundation was able to retain Sanjeev Datadin, who managed to get the woman to be charged with a lesser count of manslaughter.

As such, bail was granted in the sum of $500,000.