NFMU rejects accusations of fraud; Says operations above board



NFMU[] – The Management of the National Frequency Management Unit (NFMU) says it has taken note of several articles appearing in the media with statements attributed to the Junior Finance Minister pertaining to the forensic audit being carried out there.

The NFMU is confident that any fair assessment/audit and report of its operations will reveal the truth, that is, NFMU is properly managed, its operations are fair and above board and that there were no acts of corruption/fraud at the agency.

While the Unit awaits the final report of this Audit, after which a comprehensive statement may be made if necessary, it said it felt constrained to make a few comments at this time.

The NFMU, a Telecoms/ICT Regulator, said it does not practice favoritism and clarified that all financial reports (including all income and expenditure) are submitted to the Ministry of Finance on a monthly basis.

It also noted that it submits monthly reports to its subject Minister (the Prime Minister).

The NFMU said it “was authorized and instructed by the Government of Guyana, to fund (mostly recurrent and operational costs) for the OLPF and E-Gov  Projects (ICT Projects)” and “ has ensured that every single request for payment submitted by the ICT projects (pre May 2015) was approved by the then Head of the Presidential Secretariat, before such payment was made.”

A statement from the unit added that “this approach has continued post May 2015, where the Minister of State, Ministry of the Presidency/Prime Minister, via the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of the Presidency/Office of the Prime Minister, authorizes every request for payment.”

NFMU also stated that all expenditure made by the NFMU for the ICT projects were included in NFMU’s budget estimates, which were considered and approved by the Committee of Supplies of the National Assembly for the years 2012-2015.

“The manner and approach in which funding for the ICT projects were budgeted and expended, prior to May 2015, has continued post May 2015. This is driven by the policy of the Government of Guyana, not the National Frequency Management Unit.”






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