New Year’s message by Leader of the Opposition, David Granger

Leader of the APNU, David Granger.


Leader of the Opposition, David Granger.
Leader of the Opposition, David Granger.

Guyanese in 2015 will have an opportunity to choose a new government in the forthcoming general and regional elections. The choices facing the nation are clear.

Our choice will be between the inauguration of a ‘government of national unity’ proposed by A Partnership for National Unity on the one hand or a continuation of the ‘winner-takes-all’ approach adopted by the People’s Progressive Party Civic administration on the other hand.

Our choice will be between electing APNU’s multi-party partnership and perpetuating the PPP’s one-party dictatorship.

Our choice will be between inclusionary democracy and one-party dictatorship. Our choice will be between electing new councillors in fresh municipal and local government elections or enduring further incapacitating central government control of our towns and neighbourhoods.

Guyanese, far too frequently in 2014, have had to protest against the People’s Progressive Party Civic administration’s dictatorial prorogation of Parliament and its refusal to hold local government elections. We have had to demand investigations into police torture. We have had to demand regular and reliable electricity supply in hinterland centres such as Bartica, Lethem and Mahdia. We have had to demand the payment of ‘living’ wages for our working people, improved schools for our children, enhanced social protection for senior citizens and safer roads for everyone.

We have had to bear the brunt of the high rate of crime including armed robberies, arson, inter-personal violence, murder, piracy, rapes, fatal road accidents and trafficking in persons. We have suffered most from the high cost of living, high level of unemployment and high rate of migration. These have all taken a toll on our families and our quality of life.

We deserve a society in which we could look forward to living in safety, to working for ‘living wages’ to cope with the cost of living and to enjoying adequate social protection in our old age.

2015 must be a ‘Year of democratic renewal.’ APNU is prepared to participate with political and social partners in a government of national unity to make this a reality. Such a government will aim at improving educational standards for our children, providing jobs for our young people, protecting our women and girl children from criminal violence and ensuring the country is safe for all.

Let us vote to remove the PPP from office, install a government of national unity and work together towards providing “a good life for all Guyanese.”

My best wishes for a happy new year to everyone!


  1. The PNC is wishing for the fall of the PPP, and if that should happen then Indians may not be able to live in Guyana anymore.
    My black brother state “the ppp will fall and when they do you u will run and hide with your racist self” Sean, Are you serious? We as Indian, Amerindian, Blacks, etc. have manage to survive under you the PNC, so you see you and your criminals of the PNC only make us stronger.

    Sean, You state “run and hide” Are you planning another Ethnic cleansing?
    Sean! Which one of the Sean, are you? Were you one of them that was bombing us in Wismar? May 26 1964 was one of the many, many days of Ethnic cleansing, were you one of the then rapist? Of course I am Jai, A proud and humble Indian. Sean you are my black brother who I cannot hate, but I resist your hate for other race. Whether you like it or not I will not abandon my beautiful country Guyana.
    Sean, gone are the days for running, and hiding. Why don’t you join hands with us in working towards to the modernization of this rich country?
    Long live the PPP! long live the PPP Government!

  2. What a racist fool u be. As they say the truth hurts. The ppp will fall and when they do u will run and hide with your racist self.

  3. If you can’t see PPP/C dictatorship all over Guyana then I got to pray for you. Wait, let me call out my prayer warrior, you and the PPP/C need prayers right now. Too many days of dictatorship one party rule of Guyana by the PPP/C government. they PPP/C got to go. Period!

  4. granger is making himself a total clown…but hey ..its the media who have him like this..not one in any media have the guts to challenge him to show ppp dictatorship..
    even this inwes daily becoming like the gutter rat tabloids like sn and kn..crimes crimes crime and regurgitated crimes from between these media is what they all do best…man rob a citizen with a gun u can read chronicle about it sn about it kn about it iN about it dem waves about it..nothing good happens in guyana..the u have some pnc trolls trolling all over to blog against anything anyone says who are not in favor of pnc..what how the black pnc anti man andrew the burnham horse shit eater will latch onto this…

  5. Lies, and more lies! Mr. Granger, You are lying more than the devil “For he is a liar, and the father of it” First day of the year you lied to the Guyanese population. Prorogation of Parliament is not dictatorial!!! The President of Guyana has acted legally, and Constitutionally.
    Furthermore should you continue to froth up like that every time you open your lying mouth, then the President could very well run the legal Prorogation for another six months, and call elections around march of 2016.
    Long live the PPP! Long live the PYO! Long live the President of Guyana!


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