New US Charge De’ Affaires lauds Guyana’s security regime

Charge De’ Affaires Bryan Hunt
Charge De’ Affaires Bryan Hunt

Speaking to the media today, Charge De’ Affaires Bryan Hunt says while any country can increase its border security regime, Guyana has done an incredible job by having one of the better security regimes in the Caribbean.

Hunt says officers in the security sector are comparatively well trained and they are doing a good job despite the limited resources.

Meanwhile, the Charge De’ Affaires says in the near future the United States Embassy will work with the maritime administration on its procedures and policies to make sure cargo containers are safe.

In addition to this, they will collaborate with the UN’s office for drug control and crime prevention on a ports screening programme.

Meanwhile, on the issue of visa frauds, the Charge De’ Affaires reminded that the United States take these allegations very seriously wherever they are made.

These allegations he said are always investigated and once they find something wrong, they move immediately to take legal actions against those involved. [Akash Ramlackhan]



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