New redesigned machine-readable passport to be introduced this year


passport[] – In an effort to safeguard the integrity of the Guyana Passport, a new re-designed document will be introduced in 2015, according to Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee.

Speaking at an end-of-year press conference at the Police Officers Training Centre, Rohee said the process to upgrade the machine readable passport in keeping with Border Control System began in 2013 while a contract was signed in 2014 with Canadian Bank Note for the upgrade to commence in 2015.

The contract will see the decommissioning of the old system, and installation of new software and hardware systems. The current machine readable passport will eventually be phased out.

“This process is almost completed and the new redesigned passport will come into being in 2015. The old one will be phased out,” Minister Rohee stated.

Also in the area of border control and passport issuance, 2014 also saw the decentralisation of this process at Divisions B, D, E, F, and G, bringing relief to persons who had to travel to uplift passports as was the case in the past.

Guyana joined the Caribbean in 2007 when it introduced the machine-readable passports. Canadian Bank Note was awarded the contract to produce them.

The passport was introduced to protect against multiple issuance of the travel document to persons under fraudulent identities by maintaining and checking all passport holders.


  1. Ishamel, I guess you are living in a world of dark age. There are many citizen in other countries who pay high dollars for passport. Be guided for your shallow mind or lack of awareness, the Chinese, Indians, people from Africia, and other high risk Terrorist countries will forge a Guyana passport to carry out thier inhumane act. Finally, some of our Caribbean countries citizen are paying big dollars for Guyana passport so that they can reside in Guyana..Wake up my brother!

  2. How much will this new Pass Port cost? Who in their right mind would want to forge a Guyana Pass Port ? It is all about making money for the pee pee pee.


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