New political party emerges; aims to be deal breaker

Leader of the HTNTP Ras Leon Saul

[] – A new political party has emerged in Guyana with hopes of truly breaking away from an ethnic divide and providing a balance between Guyana’s two main political parties – a united Alliance For Change (AFC)/A Partnership For National Unity (APNU) and the incumbent People’s Progressive Party.

The Healing The Nation Theocracy Party (HTNTP) believes that it can rally the support of Guyanese at the upcoming May 11 polls by opening “your eyes to the poverty we are experiencing…to open your eyes to the reality of our situation, and to assist in marshaling the masses and place them on solid ground. We are in the midst of a country on the verge of melting down and the powers that be sit on their “racial/ethnic mix formula” and do nothing except think of a coalition in the form of “jockeying for positions” instead of giving the nation a vision.”

One of the Party’s main selling points is the legalization of marijuana, which the political opposition has already said it is open to discussing.

According to a statement from the new Party, which led by Ras Leon Saul, the current crop of politicians have great difficulty in providing practical solutions to the vast number of difficulties that are facing Guyanese.

In its Vision 2020 agenda for change, the theocratic Party says “we recognize that we have to put the power back into the hands of the people and not leave the development of this country in the hands of a few “money-grabbing so and so” and their cronies. It’s time for us to shake off this mental inertia that has for so long kept us in the dark.”

HTNTP said that it aims to create wealth by transforming the nature of the Economy to achieve growth, accelerated poverty reduction and the protection of the vulnerable and excluded by providing proper jobs and employment opportunities through the resurrected “co-operative movement.”

“What is clear is that “a generation of racists and ideologists, political parties and individuals, under the disguise of political parties and saviours has dismantled the idea of Peace and Security in Guyana,” the release noted.