New library among improvements for UG in PPP’s manifesto


UG[] – The PPP/C’s manifesto has outlined a number of plans for the University of Guyana, should it be voted back in office. According to the document, which was released on Saturday, April 25, by executing contracts already entered into and utilizing resources unique to Guyana, the PPP says it will make the university attractive not only to Guyanese, but to the international community as well.

“We will continue to work with the University of Guyana’s Council to expand and improve the quality of education offered at its Berbice and Turkeyen Campuses. The PPP/C will work towards providing university level education to the residents of the Essequibo coast through the provision of extra mural classes on the coast with a view to establishing a university campus or provide online facilities.”

The Party promised to expand online programmes especially for those in the rural and interior regions along with building a new and modern library for the University, offer special incentives to research that is beneficial to the country especially in the areas of science, technology, forestry and mining.

As it relates to the providing more opportunities for training and scholarships, it was noted that the PPP will work with partners in the international community as well as with corporate Guyana to allow for young people to be able to benefit from a wider variety of training and scholarship opportunities.

In relation to opportunities in Technical Vocational Education, the manifesto detailed that investments will be made to achieve a parallel assessment/certification pathway that removes the pressure of CSEC from those who opt for this channel, achieve greater streamlining of the offerings at the Secondary and Post-secondary levels in all of the Technical areas, create the environment for direct and seamless linkage to the University of Guyana as a defined pathway, allow for acceleration of our approval to offer Caribbean Vocational Qualifications (CVQs) in Guyana, and to operationalize the centers to assess and certify individuals based on their prior skills and knowledge.

The Party also plans to establish Centres of Excellence for STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), the arts and modern languages.




  1. Guys we have to be a little fair to those PPP. We really disrupt their last manifesto lol and come next election if they become a minority again we will again destroy their plans. This time we will have a bigger Scissors lol.

  2. Promises, promises, promises! A comfort to a fool! Don’t be foolish, re-examin all of the pre 2011 promises and see if any has materialize.

  3. That’s funny lol, hes going to build a library without books. Didn’t he noticed all that he has stated, the university needed over the past years he’s been into office? All that’s in your manifest has been promised before . Has he forgotten? And most of what he has sited to continue working on haven’t brought much comfort to anyone. They are all ,White Elephant. Those that were opposed, in Parliament, needed to be for the millions that were wasted and gone into the pockets of friends, families, etc. The Guyanese tax payers cant afford much more.


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