New Journal on life of former President Cheddi Jagan published


Last Evening, the Peoples Progressive Party published a new journal on the life of Guyana’s former President the late Dr Cheddi Jagan after contributions from over 20 editors and individuals.

The journal which was published in observance of the former leader’s 21st death anniversary is called “The Thinker”. It examines how critical a thinker Jagan was during his time as President of Guyana.

The new Journal that was published on Tuesday evening

The journal is expected to give expression to progressive thinking, to defend human right to democracy and to hold up the proverbial mirror to happenings of our society. “The Thinker” explored Jagan as an internationalist and showed how his formative years were influenced by his years of living and studying in the United States, his linkages and alliances, his vision and his leadership. It also covers issues such as the ongoing tragedy unleashed on the sugar workers at Wales, Rose Hall, Enmore and Skeldon.

Dr Frank Anthony, who gave an overview of the journal, noted that some might not agree with some of the articles, however, the journal looks to reveal truth.

In addition, President of the Guyana Peace Council (GPC) – which was founded by Jagan – Clement Rohee, in his remarks, noted that the journal is intended to stimulate debate in our country which is currently lacking in Guyana. “Critical debate, intellectual debate and discussions, a group of us came together with the intent of reviving the spirit of debate and discussions and as such we created the journal to be a tribute for those kinds of discussions in our country,” Rohee said of the ‘journal with a difference’.

Jagan was described as being influenced by many world leaders who made significant contributions such as Charles Baird, an American progressive writer.


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