New Israel Ambassador pays courtesy call on Opposition Leader


Former President and now Opposition Leader, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo, was paid a courtesy call this afternoon by newly accredited Ambassador of Israel to Guyana, Mr Mordehai Amibai-Bivas, at his office in Georgetown.   Ambassador Amibai-Bivas, when he presented his ‘Letters of Credence’ yesterday, had stated: “History teaches us that it doesn’t really matter if you are a small or big nation; if you are Christian, Jewish or Muslim; if you are located in Europe, Asia or the Caribbean, as long as we share the same values of freedom and tolerance and respect for life and human dignity, we are compelled to confront those who want to destroy our civilisation. Our sovereign states, their borders and the civilisation societies we promote, will prevail.”



Jagdeo ambassador



  1. New Israel Ambassador pays courtesy call on Opposition Leader
    Its kind of disgusting for these leaders to talk about freedom and tolerance- tolerance ? Yes because no matter what they tolerate each other but what freedom they talking about when every government in every country keep tabs on most everything their people do.Right now Guyana is headed right back to where it was when the big powers installed the same PNC to rule. History does repeat itself. Big power again Installed the said PNC again.


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