New Hindu organisation ‘Viraat Sabhaa’ launched in Guyana


The Viraat Sabhaa Guyana has been called upon to take its place in society to enhance lives and foster cohesion.
The call was made last Saturday evening by Social Cohesion Minister, Amna Ally, who pledged Government’s support to the newly formed Hindu religious organisation.

Social Cohesion Minister Amna Ally delivers her remarks at the official launch of the Viraat Sabhaa Guyana
Social Cohesion Minister Amna Ally delivers her remarks at the official launch of the Viraat Sabhaa Guyana

The launching ceremony of the Hindu movement was held at the Arthur Chung Convention Centre, Lilliendaal. It has a mandate to support and promote Hinduism in Guyana, while also serving and empowering persons from all faiths, even those who espouse no religious beliefs, to live balanced lives.
Ally congratulated the group on its official opening, noting that its mandate to create a perfect balance for citizens of Guyana, through spiritual and secular sciences, is wonderful.
“I believe your motto, ‘The Universe is one Family’ is quite a neat fit with what the Government of Guyana is advocating. You have a rapidly growing network with initiatives in various aspect of human and social development,” the minister said, referring to some of the outreach programmes the Sabhaa has embarked on over the past months. She noted that these initiatives were all directed at addressing key social issues, including abuse, alcoholism and suicide.
Minister Ally commended the group for their efforts to date, particularly since its programmes have benefited citizens from all walks of life. “All of your programmes target a wide cross section of communities, and are not confined to a particular group and that is a welcomed approach because Guyana is a diverse society,” she said.
Underscoring the critical role of religion in human and social development, Minister Ally said Government also recognises its importance to nation building. With this in mind, she said the administration is encouraging the various religious groups to interact to provide scope for development plans for the religious community.
Meanwhile, President of the Viraat Sabhaa Guyana, Pandit Rabindranath Persaud said the Sabhaa was initiated through the commitment, dedication and support of its devout followers. “In a changing world, policies and principles have to be adjusted to accommodate such changes. Old clichés and phrases are uncommon to the modern mind,” Pandit Persaud said.
In 2008, the organisation established itself with the first national Pitri Pasksh programme at the Lusignan Tarmac, East Coast Demerara, which attracted thousands.
“Our motto ‘The Universe is One Family’ demonstrates the deep concern to create a well knitted society in which all could co-exist. The Sabhaa firmly believes that the Universe is One Family and every effort should be made to set and sustain that standard, we cannot ignore the principles advocated in our Sacred Scriptures,” Pandit Persaud said.
He added that the organisation is open to work with any other agencies, religious groups, NGOs and the State to enhance opportunities for all.
Recently, a contingent of over 100 ambassadors of the Sabhaa visited the Essequibo Coast for a grand Satsangh (seminar) at the Lima Mandir. Many other Satsanghs and seminars were held in other communities to establish and strengthen its relationship with all members of society.



  1. From reading your words, I do wonder if you are a concerned Hindu or whether you have an axe to grind? What disgrace to which society? State specifics or shut your mouth. You should offer congratulations for the formation of this religious organization.

  2. Where was this group. Where they hiding under the carpet. This PNC Defacto administration will do anything to divide and conquer the Hindu population. What does Amna know’s about Hinduism???????

  3. Oh ally where were this organization all the years guyana exist ? Were the in the grave these are the people who put a disgrace to Hindus in guyana so what discipline can they teach society? ?? Ally you know nothing about Hinduism and the respectful life the have to live before the teach discipline to society .


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