New Ferry with cold storage capacity for Region 1 – President

President Dr. Irfaan Ali

President Irfaan Ali, on Monday, announced that there will be a new Ferry for Region One (Barima Waini), which will aid in supporting farmers and reducing connection time between the Capital City and the region.

“In order to ensure that food production in Region 1 increases, in order to support the farmers, support the communities, support the trade, support building of services, reduce the time of connection between Georgetown and the rest of Guyana and Region 1…we will commence in this budget the work to have a new ferry for North West,” Ali said during a news conference this afternoon.

According to President Ali, this ferry will be able to provide cold storage capacity to farmers from Region 1.

The President also announced that in order to improve communication, access and link to communities, $1.5B has been set aside for hinterland, urban and rural roads.

Additionally, the President disclosed that his administration will reverse land and water charges to the rates that they were in 2014.

Further, Ali said that the Government will grant tax concessions in the areas of agro processing facilities, cold storage and packaging and will support drainage and irrigation services.

The Head of State was at the time providing a sneak peak of the various measures that will be included in the National Emergency Budget which is due to be presented in the National Assembly on Wednesday.