New Demerara Harbour Bridge: 22 companies bid for feasibility study and design

The Demerara Harbour Bridge

Some 22 companies, from Guyana and around the world have submitted Expressions of Interest to conduct a feasibility study and design, and ultimately construct a new bridge across the Demerara River.

Public Infrastructure Ministry Chief Works Officer Geoffrey Vaughn disclosed that the Ministry has already evaluated the tenders and handed over the list to the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB) for processing.

demerara bridgeOn December 8, NPTAB opened the bids from seven European and four Chinese companies which signalled their interests. Several other overseas companies have applied for the contract, some in partnership with local firms.
These are Politechnica Ingeneria Architecture of Italy in association with Marcelle Gaskin and Associates of Guyana, Howson Consulting Engineers of the United Kingdom, COWI of Denmark, IPRO Consulting from Germany, Egis of France, and Mott Mc Donald of the United Kingdom in association with SRK Engineering and Consulting.

Also bidding for the contract was Netherland-based Ballast Nedam, known for its work in neighbouring Suriname and countries around the world. A few years ago, the company was selected to build the Berbice River Bridge; however, the agreement was later cancelled.

Meanwhile, the Chinese bidders include China Harbour Engineering (CHEC); China Railway First Group; Zhejiang Provincial Institute of Communications, Planning, Design and Research, and China Shandong International Economic and Technology Competition Group Limited. India-based Rites Limited also took a shot at the bidding process.

VIKAR Enterprises of Trinidad and Tobago, CTE in association with NV Rustwijk and Rustwijk of Suriname, WSP Caribbean Limited from Trinidad and the Guyana-based Stunning Nisi Inc. NMN Group of Canada in association with CEMCO of Guyana also expressed interest in conducting the feasibility study for the new bridge.

They were also joined by Sener of South Africa, Japan-based Stantec in association with Pedelta, Proficenter from Brazil, Stuart Consulting Group along with Rahmad and Associates from the United States and CBCL Ltd from Nova Scotia, Canada.

Floating at 1.25 miles, the Bridge is a strategic link between the East and West Bank of Demerara. The structure was opened in July 1978 with the expectation of lasting only 10 years. However, some 37 years after, it is still floating. The Bridge facilitates approximately 9000 vehicles on a daily basis.



  1. New Demerara Harbour Bridge: 22 companies bid for feasibility study and design
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