New CH&PA board appointed

CH&PA which is located in the Ministry of Housing

Cabinet has approved the appointment of the membership of the new Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA) Board of Directors.

According to the government, the board reflects a diverse membership with representatives from municipalities across Regions 1, 4, 6 and 10, and several fields which include an attorney, medical doctor, engineer, and environmentalist among others.

The new board will be effective for a period of two years with effect from February 1, 2017.

The board members are as follow:

  1. Chaitram HarryPersaud, Anna Regina Town Council
  2. Winifred Heywood, New Amsterdam Town Council
  3. Ranwell Jordan, Georgetown, Mayor and City Council
  4. Tricia Hamer, Rose Hall Town Council
  5. Shantaram Sugrim, Corriverton Town Council
  6. Brian Lewis, Linden Town Council
  7. Sonia Gumbs-Luke, Environmental Protection Agency
  8. Michael Hutson, Guyana Lands and Surveys Commissions
  9. Naresh Mangar, Central Board of Health
  10. Egbert Carter, an expert in engineering
  11. Mallika Mootoo
  12. Glenyss James
  13. Heather Martins
  14. Thandi McAllister
  15. Reverend Elsworth Williams

The life of the old (CH&PA) Board of Directors concluded in 2016 as the government commenced the process of a reviewing of all state boards, agencies and commissions as part of paving the way for upward mobility of younger persons to lead these bodies.


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