New Amsterdam Prison officer busted with drugs inside prison

eight parcels of compressed cannabis

-Police find 3665 grams of ganja hidden in clump of bushes in separate incident

A 26-year-old prison officer attached to the New Amsterdam Prison was arrested on Monday evening after he was busted inside of the prison with 528 grams of cannabis and 20 packs of cigarettes.
According to the police, the prison officer who resides Stanleytown, New Amsterdam, Berbice, was on their radar as it pertains to the smuggling of illegal items into the prison.
Officers are in the process of preparing a case file which will be sent for legal advice.
Meanwhile, in a separate incident officers acting on information received went to a location in Angoy’s Avenue, New Amsterdam Berbice about 12:00hrs today and found hidden in a clump of bushes, a five-gallon plastic bucket containing eight parcels of compressed cannabis.
The eight parcels of compressed cannabis

The illegal substance which has a total weight of 3665 grams, was lodged as investigation continues.

No arrests were made in connection with this drug find.


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