Nephew charged for beating uncle to death over plantains


Melroy Moore, 27, of Phoenix Leguan Island was on Tuesday charged for beating to death his uncle on July 7.

Moore made his appearance at the Leonora Magistrate’s Court where he appeared virtually before Magistrate Esther Sam of the Suddie Magistrate’s Court.

The man was not required to plead to the charge of murder and he was remanded to prison until July 29.

Aubrey Jonas called “Badja”, 51, a farmer of Phoenix, Leguan Island was on killed by his nephew.

Reports are that the nephew entered the victim’s farm and picked some plantains.

Shortly after, the farmer came out the backdam with a cutlass in his hands and asked his nephew who gave him permission to pick the plantains.

The farmer reportedly told the man “you touch the plantains and you gon see wa gon happen to you”.

The duo then began to argue but they eventually went their separate ways.

But the nephew armed himself with a knife and ventured to the Phoenix Koker where he waited.

As the farmer was walking by, the duo started to argue again.

The farmer then lashed the suspect on his leg with his cutlass. This resulted in the suspect going into his mother’s yard and arming himself with a piece of wood, which he used to lash the victim to his head, resulting in injuries.

The victim was picked up by his niece – who had videoed what transpired – and taken to Leguan Cottage Hospital.

While being treated for his injuries, the victim eventually succumbed.