Neil Kumar speaks out; dismisses reports

Neil Kumar
Neil Kumar
Neil Kumar

[] – Director of Sport, Neil Kumar dispelled the notion that he controls “everything” at the National Sports Commission (NSC) inclusive of financial records and paperwork.

Kumar decided to speak out following the recent allegations of “crucial financial documents” reported missing from the NSC.

A report carried in the Guyana Chronicle on Tuesday, May 19 noted that “numerous documents detailing the spending of millions of dollars at the National Sports Commission (NSC) have gone missing.”

According to the report, the documents are usually kept in the office of Kumar, who is a candidate of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic. But according to Kumar, “We have a Chairman of the Commission and an accounts department and all our paper work is in order, you can check that because I have nothing to hide, I don’t deal with that stuff,” Kumar noted.

The Guyana Chronicle also detailed that Kumar had reported that his office was broken into but no report was made to the police; however this was disputed by the Sport Director.

“My office was broken in about two months ago and the police had a full scale investigation done in here, you can ask Mr. (Gervy) Harry,” Kumar pinpointed.

Meanwhile when asked about the gear at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall, Kumar stated, “as the Director of Sport I have the right to share out the gear and I wasn’t doing it willy nilly, so there was a lot of gear left back,” Kumar said without mentioning the alleged missing gears.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Culture Youth and Sport, Alfred King recently noted that an investigation will be launched into the missing documents.

King who is responsible for the Commission in the absence of a Minister made it clear that removal of public documents is a criminal offence and any such instance of such will be investigated.

He said “any unauthorised movement is a criminal offence and will be thoroughly investigated.”




  1. Get rid of this guy. She is incompetent. Why is he keeping back the sports gear. Many persons out there need it. Many sports clubs need it. If you keep it it will get dry rot.


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