NCN urged to come clean over Berbice Manager’s reinstatement


By Michael Younge

NCN Berbice Manager, Donna Mathoo

The State-owned National Communications Network (NCN) is being urged to state publicly the circumstances which led to a decision to reinstate Donna Mathoo as the head of the entity’s Berbice operations and Branch.

Mathoo was sent on administrative leave back in May 2017 after allegations surfaced about her involvement in fraudulent practices which reportedly saw over $3M disappearing from the company’s coffers. Several staff members had resigned after telling harrowing tales to the media and auditors about the Mootoo’s management of the entity.

NCN had even dismissed the Production Manager of its Berbice Operations because of his alleged involvement in the fraudulent activities as the unofficial and internal probe widened.

Mathoo turned out to work on March 5, 2018 without any announcement from the state-owned company about the rationale behind her reinstatement or a statement vindicating her of all wrongdoings.

Regional Chairman David Armogan

This has led to concern being raised by Regional Chairman David Armogan who said that NCN should inform the public as to the findings of the probe which it had reportedly launched.

“When she was sent off, it was announced publicly but now she has quietly returned and there is no word on the outcome of the internal investigations”, he said as he explained that in order for region six residents to repose confidence in her integrity, NCN should justify her reinstatement.

He was confident that the matter would be raised at the level of the RDC given that the official is a Councillor attached to the governing A Partnership for National Unity and Alliance for Change party.

NCN Chairman Enrico Woolford

Meanwhile, NCN’s Board Chairman Enrico Woolford confirmed that Mathoo was reinstated to the post in Berbice after being on administrative leave for a period of time.

He declined to speak to the specific issues which led to her being sent on administrative leave in the first place and also refused to confirm whether or not there was an internal probe of allegations against the woman which fully vindicated.

“We thought it fit to reinstate Ms Mathoo”, he reiterated during the telephone interview.

When contacted, Ms Mathoo, however, confirmed that there was a comprehensive probe done.

“They couldn’t find anything to implicate me, dear, because all of the allegations were false”, she remarked. She said over the period she was on administrative leave, she met with officials at NCN and was represented by her Attorney.

The Berbice Manager confirmed that while she was on administrative leave, she received all of her benefits and salary. She denies that her connections to the governing coalition paved the way for her return before saying that she was advised by her lawyer not to say anything extensive to the media.



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