NCM an opportunity to remind Harmon of APNU+AFC’s shortcomings in Govt – Health Minister

Minister of Health Dr Frank Anthony

Health Minister Dr Frank Anthony says the no-confidence motions filed by the APNU+AFC against him and Home Affairs Minister Robeson Benn is an opportunity to remind the Parliamentary Opposition of their many shortcomings while in Government from 2015 to 2020.

Opposition Leader Joseph Harmon yesterday filed two no-confidence motions with the Clerk of the National Assembly against Benn and Dr Anthony.

“It doesn’t affect me at all. Mr. Harmon has given us a unique opportunity for us to debate this matter in the Parliament, and of course, we welcome this opportunity to remind Mr. Harmon and the APNU+AFC of the many shortcomings that they have had over the last five years that they were in Government,” Dr Anthony said.

He was at the time being interviewed by a social media commentator.

“We recall the damage and the destruction they have done to the health sector and I have no problem reminding them of all of that. And they themselves, as you would’ve recalled in just that short period of time, would’ve have three Ministers of Health because they had so many challenges in the health sector. You would recall also that they had some of the biggest scandals that happened in health which include…the Sussex Street bond, they had the scandal as it relates to drug shortages where they’ve spent close to $35B in drugs and medical supplies, but across this country there were massive shortages of medicines, and then just recently when we took over we discovered that they had more than $10B dollars’ worth of medicine that had expired at the Diamond Bond and just recently we had to throw another $4B worth because they procured things that was expiring,” Dr Anthony reminded.

“So, we’ll be happy to deal with them in Parliament and we’ll be happy to expose them once again to the Guyanese public so that people can see the incompetence and what they have done, and be reminded of what they have done to this country. How much money they have squandered and how they have squandered it and how many lives they have put at risk. So we’ll have an opportunity to deal with them,” the Health Minister added.