Natural Globe maintains its integrity, Webster’s daughter resigns

Head of Natural Globe Inc, Mohamed Osman and PS for Local Government Ministry, Collin Croal during the signing of the MOU.
Head of Natural Globe Inc, Mohamed Osman and PS for Local Government Ministry, Collin Croal during the signing of the MOU.

[] – Natural Globe Resource Guyana Inc. in its first public statement said it was never its intention to construction a waste recycling plant in Guyana on its own.

The Government had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the construction of a US$30M waste recycling plant with the company and subsequently withdrew the contract consequent to several damning revelations that were made in the media.

Among those revelations included the fact that the company was only recently established and had never built a waste recycling plant coupled with the fact that  Government Minister, Jennifer Webster’s daughter worked for the company and was allegedly investing in the plant.

Webster has since rubbished these allegations. Natural Globe Resource Guyana Inc. also said in its statement that the speculation that Webster’s daughter, Andriana Webster had an impact on the granting of the Memorandum or that she had access to the kind of investment needed is absurd.

“Andriana Webster has worked with us in her capacity of an IT specialist.  Ms. Webster is exceptionally good at what she does and as such, is a valued associate. Ms. Webster was a director of Natural Globe Guyana Inc. but was not a shareholder nor had she any financial involvement in the company” the statement noted.

The younger Webster has subsequently resigned from the company. Natural Globe said it submitted along with eight other entities proposals for consideration and was chosen based entirely on its merit and presumably by the fact that its proposal was the only one that had no financial impact on taxpayers since it was predicated on the ability to be entirely self-sufficient.

“It is reasonable to assume that one entity does not have the needed resources to complete a project of this magnitude on their own.  Natural Globe indeed has assembled this proposal based upon the collaborative efforts of many; some of which are coming to the table with proprietary technologies” the statement added.

The company said it could not have disclosed the names of its partners however, over the past few days it has been given permission to publically disclose who these partners are.

Natural Globe said that the company had followed all rules and still is in a position to justify it proposal and integrity in a public forum.

“We are of firm view that it is absolutely necessary to put an end to the rampant and predatory speculation that is currently being published.”

The company begged for public support even as it continues to champion it belief that it truly has a solution to the seemingly insurmountable problems surrounding this issue.

According to Natural Globe the following companies and individuals will partner directly with them on the project:

1.     The Anavitas Group Inc


2.     Seberras Engineering Inc


3.     Mogford Enterprises Inc


4.     Dan Dorey



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