Nationwide strike…Sugar workers in Guyana to down tools one day per week


By Kizzy Coleman

Workers across the sugar belt in Guyana will down their tools one day per week in solidarity with their colleagues who face an uncertain future with the imminent closure of the Wales Sugar Estate.

sugar1Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) President Komal Chand  said while cane harvesting would be taking place within the various sugar estates, workers have agreed to down tools to address three main issues affecting the workers of the Wales Sugar Estate.

“Workers are committed to downing their tools to address three main issues: the first issue being that persons are seeking to engage once again in collective bargaining; secondly, workers need to have their [Annual Performance Incentive] API disputes settled and thirdly, to provide solidarity with the Wales workers,” Chand explained.

These measures would result in a halt to sugar production in Guyana which could have a drastic impact on the current crop and more significantly, the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Since the announcement was made that the Wales Sugar Estate would be closed, workers of the Estate, several workers unions, and civil society bodies, along with the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C), have launched a series of actions to combat this decision by the Government.

The Opposition had stated that by closing operations at the Estate, the Government would be affecting the livelihood of the workers.




  1. The Whole Guyana should go on STRIKE and kick these installed dictators out of POWER! What good have they done so far? Talk, talk and more talk….Witch hunting and human rights violations….Army based run country full with dictatorship and NO LEADERS! Economy is collapsing, and the Installed GOATS are operating at full swing….Stats show since the PNC regime took office, economy went down, crime rate went up and himan rights violations are all over….Indians will be forced to leave…so much lies by NAGA and RAMJATTAN…people are fed up with them to the MAX…..THESE GOATS should be locked in a PEN with some GRASS to graze…this is ALL they are capable of!….NOTHING ELSE!


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